Summertime is here in Florida, and it is now time for air conditioning devices to provide their cooling capabilities. Like any other electric device, air conditioning appliances require routine tune-ups. Schedule the routine tune-up of your cooling unit by looking for the best ‘air conditioning maintenance near me’. Once you find a company you trust, an expert can assist you.

Common Reasons Why Your Air Conditioning Device Stops Working

Below are some prevalent reasons why an AC appliance usually stops working:

  • Faulty Thermostat

One of the most prevalent reasons your air conditioning device may not be accurately functioning might be due to a faulty thermostat. If your thermostat device is not exhibiting the correct temperature, check the batteries and replace them if they are dead. Nevertheless, if your thermostat device is still not functioning, replace it immediately with a smart programmable thermostat device for adequate control.

  • Blown Fuse or Tripped Circuit Breaker

Another common reason for your cooling unit not working is a tripped circuit breaker or a blown-out fuse. The circuit breaker trips off when there is generally high voltage. So when this happens, give your cooling unit 15-20 minutes before turning on the circuit breaker for it to calm down. On the other hand, in the case of a blown AC fuse, it is better to get the replacement done immediately to avoid further damage.

  • Age of the Appliance

If you face a situation where your air conditioning appliance suddenly stops operating, it may be because its service life is over. If you have been continuously using your cooling unit for over a decade and encountered costly repairs frequently, maybe it’s time to call professionals for a replacement.

Signs that mean it’s time for an AC replacement are an unexpected rise in utility bills, poor air quality, frequent repairs, inefficient cooling, refrigerant leakages, foul odor, popping noises, and much more.

  • Lack of Regular Maintenance

To keep your air conditioning device as efficient as possible, you must guarantee that your cooling unit is undergoing frequent maintenance. Regular maintenance controls significant breakdowns and ensures the optimum performance of your air conditioner. Furthermore, you must clean the outdoor device and replace the coils and air filters once every three months to avoid costly replacements and repairs.

  • Refrigerant or Coolant Leakages

The refrigerant or coolant is accountable for absorbing the hot air from the atmosphere and releasing it outside your house. Due to leakages or other issues, the refrigerant quantity decreases, causing many problems. In such circumstances, call a professional technician immediately and do not delay as refrigerant or coolant leakages can cause severe health concerns.


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