Summer’s here, and unfortunately, due to long months of disuse, your AC might start malfunctioning around this time. Major components like air filters, duct tubes, and external AC units need a cursory cleaning before you get ready for this blazing summer. You could search for an air conditioner repair near me and find repairing services near you to have a tune-up for your AC.
HVAC evaporator coil malfunction is a common issue in air conditioners. One reason could be the usage of R-22 refrigerants. If your evaporator uses this refrigerant, you need to replace it because R-22 is not produced anymore. Therefore, you can’t recharge it, leaving the only option that is a replacement.
Replacing your evaporator coil is vital to the effectiveness and health of your HVAC system. Lookup for AC contractors near me to find top-notch service providers.

The evaporator coil is supposed to collect heat from the incoming air, causing the supply air temperature to decline. When the evaporator coil is not correctly maintained, it might cause a variety of symptoms. If you’re not confident if your evaporator coil needs to be replaced, search for the following signs –

  • Decreased Cooling

If your air conditioner isn’t cooling your home as well as it used to, a faulty evaporator coil might be to blame. The capacity of the evaporator coil to extract heat from the air is hampered. As a result, if your coil needs replacing, the most apparent indication you’ll notice is considerably less cooling action from your air conditioner.

  • Lower Efficiency

The typical functioning of an evaporator coil lowers the temperature of reconditioned air. A person, for instance, may set the thermostat to 74°F, while the inside air temperature is 85°F. This 85°F air will travel through the evaporator coil, where a coolant will collect residual hot air, lowering its temperature and then dispersing the cooled air into the apartment’s conditioned area. This procedure will persist until the air has been reconditioned and the temperature has been reduced to 74°F.
When an evaporator coil is damaged or filthy, it has difficulty collecting additional heat from reconditioned air, leading to reduced heat retention and prolonged air-conditioning system run times, lowering the home’s energy efficiency.

  • Higher Utility Bills

Your air conditioner could be pushing longer owing to a faulty evaporator coil if your power bill has raised without a change in weather or usage habits. Your system will work harder since a faulty coil is less efficient at extracting heat from the air.
A skilled HVAC specialist found by looking for air conditioning repair near me should perform evaporator coil maintenance. When summer temperatures reach 90 degrees or higher, it’s critical to maintain and replace your AC’s evaporator coils. The owner can schedule preventative maintenance to keep the evaporator coil and blower component hygienic.

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