Any sort of HVAC device that uses refrigerants, such as coolers, water heaters, and ductless ACs, can experience compressor failure. Oftentimes, the first thing that comes to mind is to replace the compressor. While this is frequently essential, other system issues may have contributed to the compressor’s failure. We’ll look at the problems that can lead to compressor breakdown in an HVAC system and provide air conditioning repair in Lakeland.

What Is The Compressor?

It is a system that compresses gasses to a greater pressure and then uses that high-pressure gas for a variety of purposes, such as tire inflation, turbine power, or mechanical work. Electric motors, diesel engines, and gas engines are commonly used to power air compressors.

Main Cause

Excessive discharge temperatures are frequently a symptom of compressor valve plate failure, and this is one of the first characteristics to check when compressors exhibit signs of distress. It’s essential to understand these factors to avoid failures and troubleshoot issues.

If you don’t fix the compressor failure, you’ll have the same problem with a replacement compressor. You can contact our technicians for air conditioning repair in Lakeland.


Below are among the most prevalent indicators of compressor failure in an air conditioner. You can rely upon us for your AC replacement in Lakeland, FL.

  • Hissing Noise: There are various reasons why an air conditioner creates hissing noises. A rattling sound is nearly always made by a faulty air conditioner compressor. This happens when part of the compressor motor stops working smoothly. It’s usually the first clue that a compressor has failed.
  • Less Airflow: When the compressor is malfunctioning, the machine can no longer blow as much air. As a result, there is less airflow than usual. It takes a long time for the flow to drop significantly. Insufficient airflow can be caused by a number of things, but the most common cause is a faulty compressor.
  • Warm Air: Warm air could be an indicator of a compressor failure. Please don’t ignore it; instead, search for the best AC companies in Lakeland, FL. There could be several reasons why your air conditioner is giving off heated air, including a lack of refrigerant or a faulty compressor. If the airflow pressure is not lower, the air conditioner will usually start blowing hot air.
  • Inability to Cool: failure to cool the house is a clear indicator of a unit breakdown if you didn’t notice insufficient airflow, weird sounds, or warm air. A compressor failure will certainly reduce an air conditioner’s ability to cool a place.

It’s advisable not to overlook your air conditioner if it displays one or more of the concerns outlined above. The best method to address and restore any issues with your AC system is to get it checked by certified HVAC technicians and get the best services for AC replacement in Lakeland, FL.

Make an appointment with one of our skilled technicians for emergency assistance if your compressor has stopped operating or needs service. Our services are one of the best among the AC companies in Lakeland, FL. Call us at 863-551-3411.

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