Concerning furnaces and other heating systems, most homeowners don’t worry about their overall health or efficiency after heating installation in Lakeland, FL, until they experience a problem. If you own gas furnaces or a heat pump, you’ll likely experience a cold home if the system isn’t functioning correctly. Your safety could be at risk when your heating system isn’t working properly. Most of the time, this occurs when you need them most.

What Do You Do If Your Heating System Isn't Working?

What should you do if your heating system stops functioning? Consult our certified heating installation contractor in Auburndale, FL. However, before calling experts, there are a variety of common issues you can spot and fix. This will help you save time and money and provide peace of mind.

  • Check the Power Switch

Although it’s uncommon to find this as the source of a heating problem, it’s possible that the switch that controls the power was accidentally turned to the “off” position. Certain furnaces have switches for on and off that can be turned off accidentally or by a tech or person in your home, for example, a person you hired to install your holiday lights.

  • Check the Thermostat

When you have issues with your heating system, the first thing to check is the thermostat to ensure that it’s set properly. This is what you should look for:

  1. Check that the thermostat has been set for HEAT, not COOL.
  2. Check that the fan’s option is AUTO, not ON, to ensure that the fan only runs when the heating unit is heating the air.
  3. Be sure that the temperature you set is at a minimum of 5 deg F greater than the temperature in the room.

If your thermostat is not responding, it may require a battery change. If you have replaced the batteries, but the thermostat remains not responding, consult our heating installation expert in Lakeland, FL, for assistance.

  • Replace the Air Filter

Many issues with heating systems can be resolved by changing the filter. Clean your air filter, and inspect it visually. If the filter appears to be blocked with dust and dirt, swap it for a fresh one. Once you’ve changed the filter, let the heater run for at least 30 minutes to determine if the issue is resolved. If the issue continues, contact professional assistance to determine what might cause the problem.

  • The Smell of Gas

If you detect a gas odor or burning smell, you must ensure that your alarm is turned off and contact our professionals immediately. When your carbon monoxide detector goes off, you must leave your house and call the emergency services. Carbon monoxide is extremely hazardous and can cause fatal poisoning. It could occur in as little as two hours if the levels are detected in the air.

To Summarize

Certified heating installation contractors in Auburndale, FL, offer convenient schedules and upfront pricing before the start of any repair work, so you’ll know how much the final cost will be before you pay the invoice. If you employ Snowbird Heating & Cooling to repair your heating system, you’ll be sure that the work is done right on the first try.

To set up an estimate on heating or for emergency furnace repair, contact us at 863-551-3411 or email us today!

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