Our AC repair experts in Lakeland recommend you check your system yearly to avoid outages in severe weather conditions. While certain HVAC problems result from dirty filters and coils, many cooling system issues can become much more serious if they are not addressed promptly. The majority of them are preventable with regular maintenance checks.

AC System Issues

Issues related to AC systems usually happen at the most inconvenient time. If you are looking for an AC replacement expert in Lakeland, FL contacts Snowbird Heating & Cooling to identify the cause of the problem, certain issues are more frequent than others.

Here’s a list of the most common AC issues:

  • Weird Sound

An AC doesn’t make any unnecessary noise if it works properly, but it makes weird noises that indicate certain issues. The AC can make various sounds like humming, popping, or screeching.

  • Leakage Outside

Water leakage from outside the AC is normal; however, water leakage can be more than usual because of some issues. The most frequent reason for leaks is drainage. The culprit could be dirt or mold, which blocks the water flow. Therefore, the water will find an alternative route to the exit.

  • Leakage Inside

When the pipe has become choked from within, it is the primary cause of water flowing from the AC in your home. The reason is that the drainpipe is blocked by debris or dust. It could be dangerous; therefore, it is necessary to hire our professional for AC repair in Lakeland to address this issue.

  • High Electric Bills

If you notice that your electric bills are rising more than they typically are during the summer months, it could indicate that you need to make repairs. Any component or system that isn’t operating properly could force your AC unit to work harder. This additional effort could drive your electric bill up.

You will need to consult an expert to determine the cause of the rise in energy usage. If your energy bills remain high even after repairs, think about making efficiency improvements to reduce the load on your AC system and your electric bill.

  • Cooling Problem

The most prevalent issue with an AC is that it isn’t cooling properly because of a blockage in the air filter or any other issue with the compressor. The issue can be detected easily by an HVAC professional.

  • AC is not Turning On

Sometimes, when the AC isn’t able to turn on, it’s due to an issue with a faulty circuit. If this occurs, you should call a professional to replace the circuit. If it does not turn on even after changing the circuit, it’s due to one issue with the thermostat. So you can replace batteries. Switch the AC or furnace to turn off your circuit breaker and turn it back to reset the thermostat.

  • Condenser coils

Condenser coils are found outside, near the blower, so they get dirty easily. Most components can be cleaned with a hose of water once a year; however when they become too dirty, an HVAC specialist will need to cleanse them using a chemical cleaner.

To find out more about any of these issues and any additional HVAC issues you might be facing, call Snowbird Heating & Cooling. You can call us at 863-551-3411 or email us for AC replacement in Lakeland, FL.

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