Filters for furnaces keep the furnace mechanisms clean while also removing pollutants from the air you breathe. Fiberglass, polyester, and cotton are some of the materials used to make filters. The type of material used in the furnace has an impact on how well it filters the air. Search for an HVAC repair near me and take their consideration for furnace filter repair and installation.

The Problems with Putting the Furnace Filter Backward

The normally common end of the equipment will not be facing the air supply if you install the filter backward. The filter in the furnace helps you to get cleaner air as it prevents the particles from entering. With overtime usage, these particles accumulate and block the filter. This is when the clean air starts getting replaced by bad air as it is not filtered properly. This is harmful to your lungs.

If you insert your filter backward, the result is that air will have a harder time passing through your filter if you install it backward, then your air handler will have to work harder to compensate for the lack of airflow. Frequently resulting in higher utility bills as well as damage to your furnace or air conditioner.

Which Way Does The Air Filter Go?

Fortunately, most filters are designed not to fit distinctly unless they are placed in the proper direction. Airflow arrows should be printed on the side of the air filter to show which way you should install the filter. The arrow on your new filter should point toward the furnace when you insert

Why Do Air Filters Have Directions?

It may surprise you to learn that I’ve discovered filthy filters, lost filters, incorrectly sized filtration, and, finally, filters placed backward. There are arrows on furnace filters that show the airflow route, and there is a correct arrangement. An HVAC repair near me can easily explain to you the difference between right and wrong installation.

Place the airflow arrow in the direction in which the air is flowing. Filters safeguard your HVAC system from debris and grime buildup in addition to providing clean air. They capture dangerous particles before reaching the furnace’s equipment, and the airflow arrow should point towards the furnace or the blower motor.

What if the Air Filters We use are the Wrong Size?

Air filters for HVAC systems come in a variety of sizes. If the air filter size is incorrect, firstly, it won’t fit appropriately. Even if it does, using the wrong air filter will result in poor indoor air quality and strain your air conditioning and heating system.


You’ll be at a considerably higher risk of a system or part malfunction if the furnace or air conditioner is 15 years old or older (the normal life expectancy).

A modern system is more likely to cope with the lower airflow and the resulting damages successfully. Search for heating repair near me or reach out to our team of experts at snowbird air to get the correct furnace filter installation.

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