Kim Deardorff

Without a doubt, Snowbird HVAC is the premier/topshelf HVAC company in Polk County when it comes to knowledgeable technicians, quality customer service and dedication to their customers. They currently perform annual maintenance on 2 HVAC system for us and when one of our A/C systems started to struggle in July, We called them to diagnose the problem. We have a complex Trane system and they were dedicated over several days to troubleshoot, diagnose and fix the issue. While they were waiting on replacement parts from the manufacturer, they were able to configure the system to keep our home at a comfortable temperature. Bruce and his team were always honest and in constant contact with us about everything from parts backlog to service calls and what to expect next. Over the course of several days, they were always willing to stop by to adjust the A/C controls in order to meet our concerns on a moment’s notice. You just don’t find a more dedicated and honest company these days. If there was an option for a 10-star Google rating, they would get it hands down! Bruce, Skyler and David are true professionals looking out for your best interest and satisfaction. Thanks again Snowbird for a job very well done!

Gina O

BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!! I will definitely let my friends and neighbors
know how professional DJ BURCHFIELD was as soon as he arrived. My elderly mom and I were melting, so seeing the SNOWBIRD work vehicle arrive thrilled us..I was more than pleased with his knowledge and honesty and will ALWAYS use SNOWBIRD AIR from this point on..THANK YOU FOR RESPONDING SO QUICKLY…

Sharon Boucher

Got home at 5:30pm yesterday to a hot home. Daniel arrived around 10am this morning and knew right away what the problem was! I had already scheduled our first routine maintenance for next week, so Daniel took care of that today as well! I was terrified of what the outcome might be after spending a sweltering August night, but found Snowbird was fair, prompt, professional, and was very reasonably priced! Thank you Daniel and Snowbird for all you do!


I had 4 companies come out for an estimate to repair my unit. Then I stumbled upon Snowbirds repair. I was already defensive with good cause prior to them coming, but I was put in my place lol. Snowbird worked me out a scenario that I was extremely appreciative of. We are at repair peoples mercy most times. Snowbirds repair was BEYOND commendable service and fairness as far as I am concerned, price wise as well. Those other companies had zero concern if they left me without AC. One company told me you got the money or not, because I’m leaving if you don’t. Wow. Ya Snowbirds 💯