As a home appliance, an air conditioner system requires adequate maintenance. Sometimes, you must go for AC repair in Lakeland, or AC replacement is the only option.

A competent HVAC service provider can tell whether you need repair or replacement services. In this blog, let us help you understand which service you need the most.

Is It Repair Or Replacement?

  • The Age of your HVAC System

A typical lifespan of an air conditioner is not more than 15 to 20 years. If the AC has already crossed over half of it, any small problem in your AC will gradually turn out to be bigger. In this situation, we suggest you opt for AC replacement in Lakeland, FL.

  • Breakdown Issues

In the entire lifespan of your AC, it will face various issues. But if you notice that you have to call for AC repair in Lakeland more frequently than ever, you should choose a replacement service immediately. Frequent breakdowns can cause you:

  • Spend extra for nothing.
  • Pay for excessive electric bills.
  • Lose the entire AC slowly.
  • Dirty Air Filters

This problem appears to be the job of an expert on AC repair in Lakeland. Even you can take care of the air filters on your own. As a professional HVAC contractor, we should inform you that the air filter gets dirtier than any other parts in your air conditioner system.

Since its only job is to remove dust, dirt, and harmful bacteria from the air, you will find those filters dirty frequently. If you take adequate measures to keep these filters clean, you may not have to go for replacement at all.

  • R-22 Freon Problem

If you have been a consistent user of an HVAC system, you will have a pretty good idea about refrigerants in the market. R-22 Freon, the most used refrigerant in the AC, has been discontinued by the government. You have no option but to choose AC replacement in Lakeland, FL.

  • Repair Cost

If you own an AC, you should set aside an amount yearly for repair works like ducts, icing of the evaporator coils, water leakage, etc. If it starts crossing the threshold of your expenditure, you must consider choosing an AC replacement in Lakeland, FL.

  • The Length of Your Stay at Your Current Home

If you are planning to move somewhere else and do not spend that small amount of time at your current home, we suggest you not choose an AC replacement service. AC replacement is expensive at any point.

On the other hand, repair work can go on steadily if your requirement is not that high. In such a situation, an AC repair in Lakeland is your best choice.

Final Thought

Repair work is less expensive and hectic compared to replacement. While replacement can eliminate the existing problem, AC repair in Lakeland is cost-effective. However, we advise you to maintain your AC systematically because it reduces the risk of any expensive replacement and increases your HVAC system’s efficiency.

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