Even the most high-end equipment will stop working at a certain level. How do you determine when it is time to upgrade your air conditioner? A malfunctioning unit may require minor AC repair in Lakeland or a full replacement. Most of the time, the system will signal an issue before it breaks down.

The Signs That It's Time To Say Goodbye To Your AC

Maintenance of your air conditioner can, unfortunately, be neglected. If your AC shows these signs, you’ll likely benefit from replacing it.

  • The unit needs a major repair and is past warranty.
    If you need frequent air conditioning repair in Lakeland when the warranty is up, you should begin searching to purchase a new model instead of investing money into a failing system.

  • The filter is blocked despite the best maintenance.
    When the AC filters remain blocked, the system fails. It could be because of the incorrectly adjusted airflow, defective exhaust pipes, or many other causes. You should examine your device, particularly in an area with small amounts of dust that can obstruct the filters.

  • The AC has reached the end of its lifespan.
    When your system reaches an age limit, it is more likely to be experiencing the issues listed. The average ducted air conditioning system is between 10 to 15 years.

  • The AC isn’t cooling the area any longer.
    It’s time to change the air conditioning unit if it’s not cooling anymore. This could result from a damaged wire, blocked filters, evaporator coils, dry filters, or other causes. Do not attempt a DIY AC repair in Lakeland in this case. You may injure yourself or make the issue worse.

    Another reason to consider replacing your AC system is that even while the unit is cooling, its power is not as effective as before. This means something has changed in the working of your air conditioner, and the problem should be investigated.

  • Your energy costs are out of the norm.
    If you’ve never installed any devices that consume energy in your household, and your costs increase, it’s time to find out whether your air conditioner is not working properly. The unusually high electricity bills typically result from excess energy use and overheating.

  • Abnormal noises or odors from the AC.
    Certain minor sounds and smell changes could signify the need for repairs inside the unit. If you notice grumbling, squealing, screeching, or grating, the unit likely has components that aren’t in the right place. If you spot the problem fast, you might not require a new replacement.

    Odors usually indicate the insulation in your unit is damaged or the ductwork has become damp. Make sure your filter is cleaned. If your unit continues to emit odors, you may consider replacing it.

  • You’ll benefit from a more eco-friendly device.
    Older air conditioners tend to be less environmentally friendly than modern models. It is possible to upgrade your AC for a more sustainable model with less environmental impact and more efficient energy use.

To Summarize

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