Lakeland is known for its long and humid summer season, where temperatures can rise above 90° F. During this hot season, air conditioning allows us to work the whole day without being affected by the scorching heat.
Although AC provides cooling 24/7, that doesn’t mean the compressor runs all the time. The compressor runs according to the temperature setting. To provide you the cooling the whole day, it runs for approx 16 hours.

If your AC is working against its cooling cycle, this can be a huge problem that will attract AC repair in Lakeland.

The Cooling Cycle of the Air Conditioner

An AC will run for about 20 minutes to reach the required temperature. Once it cools down the whole room, it turns off. It again starts running when cooling is required. This cycle remains the same the whole day. This repetitive cooling process is known as the cooling cycle of the air conditioner.

When your AC starts troubling you, immediately call the technician. Before Googling ‘air conditioner repair near me’, it is better to understand the causes of the problem and its solution.

What Causes AC to Run All Day?

Thermostat Settings

When you set your thermostat temperature inaccurately, it leads to constant running AC. A malfunctioning thermostat also imbalances the temperature. If you have an old AC thermostat that uses a battery, replace the battery before summer to get effective cooling.
It will be better to upgrade your thermostat with a smart thermostat that will automatically manage the temperature. Resetting the thermostat can also help you fix the problem.

Not Recommended AC Size

The incorrect AC size is the root cause of many AC malfunctions. A too-small AC size will need more time to cool the room. Therefore, it will run constantly.
Always choose AC according to the measurement of the area to avoid the problem of constantly running AC. If the compressor constantly runs due to incorrect size, you will have to replace the AC.

Dirty AC Components

When dirt gets accumulated in the condenser coil, drain lines, or blower, this also causes your AC to run constantly. To clean the outdoor unit, you have to remove the side and top panels. Clean it thoroughly using a vacuum, water hose, coil cleaning spray, etc.
A dirty filter lets the dirt components reach the AC compressor. It makes the compressor performance faulty. The filter needs a replacement every 30-60 days.

Skipped AC Tune-Up

All the processes included in the AC tune-up service collectively maximize the efficiency of an air conditioner. Schedule AC tune-up service during the spring season to prevent the problem of constantly running AC and enjoy a stress-free summer.

Drawbacks of Constantly Running AC

  • Unexpected rise in power consumption bill.
  • Premature AC breakdown.
  • Damage in other AC components.
  • AC is unable to control humidity and temperature.

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