Many of our homes rely on central air conditioning during the summer months. Imagine your AC suddenly stops working. You start worrying about the unbeatable heat and humidity.

But you can avoid this stress if you do not skip routine checkups and maintain your AC throughout the year.

Often, homeowners are stressed about high utility bills and yet want to enjoy the comfort of an air conditioner. Here’s how you can achieve them by just following these few steps:

  • Routine Check And Cleanup of Air Filters :

An air filter helps in maintaining indoor air quality. If it holds a layer of dust particles, it will obstruct the airflow leading to a high strain on the air conditioner.

The issue eventually increases energy consumption and results in high utility bills. While cleaning avoids the accumulation of dirt and, the room temperature is always maintained.

  • Never Forget Cleaning The Condenser Coils:

The condenser coil maintains the cool temperature by eliminating the hot air. The accumulation of dust on condenser coils reduces their ability to absorb heat.

To avoid this problem, hire a professional to clean the coils at least once a year. The process will improve its efficiency by approximately 30%.

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  • Removing Debris From The Unit is a Must:

If you skip cleaning the air conditioner unit, leaves, dirt, and grass clippings will build upon the outside of your air conditioner.

Always trim shrubs or other plants around the air conditioner to keep them from blocking airflow to and from the unit.

  • Keep a Check on Coil Fins:

The main task of fins is to allow smooth airflow through and out of an air conditioner. The evaporator and condenser coils bent easily, which blocks the airflow.

It is essential to straighten them which, a professional can do accurately. Are you worried about the hassle of searching ac contractors near me? We are here for you to resolve all HVAC problems.

  • Drain Inspection :

The condensate drain is responsible for the condensation process. If the drain is clogged, water settles in the pan, and eventually, it will stop drainage.

If you notice any condensate leaks or system shutdowns, it’s time to get your drain line serviced. Hire a technician to avoid any further damage.

  • Condenser Unit Fan:

The condenser unit fan helps in cooling down the refrigerant gas and maintains the AC performance. If the condenser unit fan is not working efficiently, AC will no longer cool the room and create humidity.

You may also experience weird noises from your air conditioner if your condenser unit fan is at fault.

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