In situations when the AC fan breaks down mid-season, you are left with no option but to search for AC servicing near me to get the necessary services done. However, getting help in mid-season (assuming that problem occurs at that time) can be tricky as most service providers are occupied.

Though the services of AC repair in Lakeland are easily available throughout the season, it would be good if you can take some action at your end.

Now, the air conditioner fan gives problems sometimes, and to be honest; it does not always require professional help. You can manage things yourself by doing a bit. Here are a few ways that we would like to discuss by which you can try to fix the fan of the AC.

Not Able to Hear the Compressor

If your air conditioner is on and you are not able to hear the sound of the compressor at the outer end, then maybe your fan is ok. Even when the fan is not working, the sound of the compressor can be heard. A no sound and dead silence hints at a break in the circuit. So, you should check for the circuit breaker and turn it on if it’s off or turns it off and on in case it’s on.

If you still have not heard the sound. Then it’s the issue with the contractor, which is known to regulate the power in the device. Now, here you need technical skills as the voltage drop across the component has to be measured. If you haven’t done it so far, better call the AC repair service provider.

The Compressor is on But Not the Fan

If the compressor is making the sound, but the fan is not, then it might be a capacitor problem. Turn on the air conditioner. Then take a stick or something made of non-conductive material to give a push to the fan. If the fan starts, then notice whether it needs the same thing next time to start the fan or not. If yes, then you need to change the capacitor. If this technique doesn’t start the fan, then it’s a problem with the fan’s motor. Try calling the service provider at the earliest.

An Issue with the Spinning of the Fan

If there is an issue with the spinning of the fan. That is, if it is spinning too fast or too slow, then it might be an issue with the air filter or the circuit breaker. Use the method to start the fan with the non-conductive material as discussed above, along with cleaning the filter. If it doesn’t work yet, there might be an issue in the motor or wiring of the fan, and get it checked by a professional.

Fixing the AC fan is not a big issue and can be done with some hit and trial at one’s own end. However, if it looks beyond reach, it’s better to call an AC install near me to get the required services.

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