A working air conditioner will create a comfortable environment on hot days and save you from the heat. Many problems may stop your air conditioner from functioning properly and result in a situation where you have to search for air conditioner repair near me. Here are a few tips to fix your faulty air conditioner if it is not blowing cold air.

  • Circuit breaker box

One of the important steps you could take to troubleshoot your air conditioner is to inspect the breaker box. The air conditioner units usually consist of two parts called the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. Both these units have to work simultaneously for the device to function effectively.

Whenever the outdoor unit does not get a power supply, the indoor unit cannot produce cold air. Reset the breaker box to check for any tripped circuit links and wait for a while before checking if the device is functioning properly. If there are no signs of cold air blowing from your device yet, it is time to browse AC contractors near me.

  • Ice build-up

A common issue why air conditioners stop blowing cool air is ice build-up in the device. If you think this could be the problem with your air conditioner, turn the device off and raise the cover to check for ice build-up. This situation usually occurs due to damaged fan blower belts. When this problem is not addressed for a long time, it could even result in system failure.

  • Clogged air filters

Air filters help in cleaning the debris and dust particles that travel across the ducts. If the air filters are not cleaned properly, then these dust particles may enter the inner units of your air conditioner and affect its functioning. The airflow gets restricted as the air filters get clogged. As a result, the evaporator coil could freeze and stop the air conditioner from producing cool air.

To avoid this condition and make your air conditioner blow cold air, clean your air filters regularly and replace them when necessary. Contact any Lakeland air conditioning repair services if you are not sure how to change air filters yourself.

  • The thermostat

The thermostat plays a crucial role in adjusting the temperature of your air conditioner. It detects any alterations in the temperature and adjusts the device’s setting to cool down the room. If the thermostat in your air conditioner is broken or malfunctioning, it could be one of the reasons why your system is not blowing cool air. Inspect the thermostat and replace it if necessary to make your air conditioner function properly. You could look for AC contractors near me to replace or repair your thermostat.

These tips should help you troubleshoot your air conditioner to blow cooled air. If the problem still exists, you can search for Lakeland air conditioning repair.

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