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Knowing when to call in Snowbird Heating & Cooling is of paramount importance. You should know the signs of your air conditioner or furnace breaking down, and give us a call before the damage is beyond repair. Contact Us Today for Heating Service In Lakeland, FL, and Surrounding Areas.

When Should You Call In Snowbird Heating & Cooling?

Typically, you should call in HVAC professionals for maintenance appointments in spring and fall. But this is according to seasonal requirements. You should always give a call to Snowbird Heating & Cooling if your HVAC unit is showing signs of abnormality or is struggling to provide quality air. Here are some signs of abnormalities to look for in your HVAC:

  1. Unusual noises: Sounds like excessive whirring, rattling, or banging are signs you need to pay immediate attention to your unit. These sounds might involve gas issues that should be tampered with only by professionals.
  2. Strange odors: If you notice unusual odors coming out of your furnace or AC, then it might be problematic. It might be due to minor gas leakage or build-up of gas. If the smell dissipates after a while, then no issues. But if the smell does not dissipate, then call in Snowbird Heating & Cooling professionals immediately.
  3. Struggling to maintain the air quality: If your HVAC unit cannot maintain the air temperature according to your settings, there might be some fault either with the thermostat or with the unit itself. If you’re in Auburndale and looking for the best HVAC repair in town, call Snowbird Heating & Cooling!

Besides these issues, if you need top-notch replacement of your HVAC system, you can call us as well! So, to prepare your air conditioners or heaters for the chilly winter and scorching heat, call Snowbird Heating & Cooling today! We offer the best heating and cooling services in Lakeland. For more information and details, visit our website or contact us today!

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