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Heating Replacement In Auburndale, FL

When is it Time for a Heating Replacement In Auburndale, FL

With fall and winter right around the corner, now may be the time to think about updating your heating system. Snowbird Heating and Cooling has qualified, experienced technicians for your heating replacement in Auburndale. Knowing when it is time to replace your heating system will save you from emergency repairs and keep you from dealing with a cold house.

Your Furnace

Knowing the age of your furnace is the first step. If you moved into a house that already had a furnace in place, chances are you haven’t paid much attention to it. If you don’t know how old your furnace is, you can look up the model number which should be located on the furnace. If your furnace is older than 15-20 years, it should be replaced. If you have a costly repair for a furnace that is 15 years old, it will be cheaper, in the long run, to replace the system.

Your furnace may also show visible signs of age. If there is rust on your system or you notice a lot of excess dust or soot, it’s time for a heating replacement in your Auburndale home.

Snowbird Can Help

At Snowbird, we understand that your home’s heating system is essential. That’s why we live by the motto, “Rocket Speed When You’re In Need!” We value our customers, and we know that a heating system replacement is a big decision. That’s why we go above and beyond to make sure your home is energy efficient. By having your insulation and ductwork checked by a trained and certified technician, you can be sure that you get the most out of your heating replacement in Auburndale.

If you think it’s time for a new heating system, contact us today. We will walk you through the process, go over the cost and benefits of every gas furnace type, and we will give you our expertise and experience so you can be sure that your heating system replacement in Auburndale goes smoothly.

We will make every effort to improve your home’s overall energy-efficiency. If your home has gaping holes in your ductwork or insufficient insulation, merely installing a new high-efficiency furnace may not produce the long-term, operational savings you were expecting. It is important to have our professional HVAC technician inspect the entire system to identify any lingering energy vampires in your heating system.

We can discuss the overall replacement cost for each type of gas furnace and any modifications required. It is important to remember that a higher-efficiency model may cost more initially, but the increase in operational energy-efficiency may save you money month-over-month, year-over-year.

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