Your garage heater is the same as your home heater; both need preventive maintenance and cleaning to work efficiently and run longer without sudden failures. These huge heating appliances are expensive when it comes to repairs and replacements. If you happen to be searching for a heating contractor near me online, choose Snowbird Heating & Cooling Inc  for our skilled technicians and repair solutions.

Common Problems With Wour Garage Heater And Possible Fixes

As essential as a garage is, its heating system needs maintenance too. That is why you should at least know the possible signs of breakdowns that can save time by calling our professional for early repairs. Addressing these issues as early as possible is important.

  • Broken Thermostat

A faulty thermostat will be unable to adjust the temperature settings. It is an essential part of the heating system, so immediate repair or replacement is the priority. Check if the control switch is intact or broken; in this case, you need to replace the device. 

  • Unsteady Wiring

In all electrical appliances, wiring is a complicated piece of work. In your heater, loosened wires, broken switches, burnt circuits, and improper placement can also deter the system’s efficiency. 

Therefore, do not consider adjusting the circuits yourself; calling a professional is always the better option. However, you can check the wiring issue by switching off the whole system and locating the source of the malfunction.

  • Blocked Airflow

All HVAC systems need adequate ventilation to provide you with clean air all the time. However, if the air passage and vents are blocked by curtains, furniture, or any other obstacle, the heater will stop short cycling until the airflow is back on track. 

For your heater to pump hot air continuously requires efficient transfer of hot air into the space so the other parts work efficiently. Remove all the barriers from the air passage, and regularly clean the vents and registers. 

  • Broken Fan And Blower

The blower and fan are essential parts of a heater that dissipate heat throughout the place. However, when you notice the blower being stuck and noisy, it is a warning sign. The overall fan setup works with a fan and blower, and if the fan blades get twisted, broken, or burnt with time, the heat produced by the system will go to waste as it would not reach you. 

You can use an ohmmeter to check the current and working of the motor, and if the motor is fine, replace the fan unit. 

  • Dirt And Debris In The Burner

Dirt, debris, and other flammable items in the heating element of your furnace can put your life at risk by increasing the intensity of the fire. Therefore, be sure of what items you add to the furnace and turn off the system when a spark is seen. Proper cleaning can save you all this trouble and extend the lifespan of your system. 


If you are in the process of searching for heating repair near me and you find our contact information, don’t hesitate to be in touch. Snowbird Heating & Cooling Inc is a one-stop HVAC destination if you experience any furnace emergency and need quick assistance.

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