Boost SEER Values In Auburndale, Lakeland, Davenport, FL, and Surrounding Areas

You may be aware that the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) measures a central air conditioner or heat pump’s efficiency. An inefficient cooling system can result in a high energy bill or insufficient cooling. Contact us today to boost SEER values In Auburndale, Lakeland, Davenport, FL, and surrounding areas.

What Is A SEER Rating?

The cooling capacity of an air conditioner is measured in terms of its’ seasonal energy efficiency ratio, or SEER rating, which is directly proportional to its electrical efficiency. More efficient use of electricity and a higher SEER rating go hand in hand.

How Can You Boost Your HVAC SEER?

Boost SEER values by following these tips:

  • Installing ductless system
    A mini-split air conditioner is a zoned system. Ductless mini splits use only as much power as is necessary to maintain the desired temperature using highly efficient compressors and fans. You can lower your annual energy costs by using a mini-split air conditioner with an energy star label and a high SEER.

  • Plan zoning the house
    You can save money on heating and cooling by zoning your home automation system only to cool the spaces you’re using. Individual zones can have their temperatures adjusted separately. By installing a zoned system, homeowners can reduce their cooling costs.

  • Keep your system clean
    The airflow is restricted due to the dirty ducts and filters. A rise in utility bills is associated with inadequate ventilation. The money you save on heating and cooling bills will be worth the effort of cleaning out dirty parts.

  • Get smart thermostat
    You can save money on cooling costs by using a programmable thermostat to turn down the system while you’re away from home. Thermostats that learn your heating and cooling habits keep the house at a comfortable temperature with minimal energy use.

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