Boost SEER Values In Auburndale, Lakeland, Davenport, FL, and Surrounding Areas

All homeowners want to own HVAC appliances with the highest SEER value possible. The sole reason for this wish is to get the maximum benefits from their appliances without paying high energy bills. Appliances with high SEER values do not consume too much energy while working, so your energy bills stay under control all year long. Contact us today to boost SEER values In Auburndale, Lakeland, Davenport, FL, and surrounding areas.

However, not all owners know about the SEER value. The SEER value is the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio that determines the efficiency of an HVAC appliance. You can try some methods if you do not know how to boost SEER values.

You may be aware that the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) measures a central air conditioner or heat pump’s efficiency. An inefficient cooling system can result in a high energy bill or insufficient cooling.¬†

What Is A SEER Rating?

The cooling capacity of an air conditioner is measured in terms of its’ seasonal energy efficiency ratio, or SEER rating, which is directly proportional to its electrical efficiency. More efficient use of electricity and a higher SEER rating go hand in hand.

Methods To Boost The SEER Values

Boost SEER values by following these tips:

  • Install ductless appliances: You can find ductless HVAC appliances in the market, like ductless air conditioners and heaters. As the name suggests, these appliances do not use ducts to circulate air in your home. Ductless appliances consume less energy. You can get a ductless appliance with a high SEER value.
  • Plan zones in your home: You must have noticed that you use some parts of your home more frequently than others. If you install a zoned system for your home, you can adjust the temperatures of individual areas and control which area will have how much temperature.
  • Clean your system regularly: Dust settlement creates problems like overheating, due to which your appliance loses its efficiency. Ensure that you clean your system regularly or contact a professional for an extensive cleaning session.
  • Install a smart thermostat: You may have heard about the smart thermostats available in the market. As the name suggests, these thermostats are smart enough to understand your temperature preferences within a few days. Moreover, they control when your appliance turns on and off, saving you money on energy bills.


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