AC Maintenance In Lakeland, FL and Surrounding Areas

Here in Central Florida, air conditioning is something we must count on nearly year-round. The right AC Maintenance In Lakeland, FL and Surrounding Areas will help ensure your system is in top working condition.

What’s Involved?

AC Maintenance In Lakeland, FL and Surrounding Areas | Snowbird Heating Here at Snowbird Heating & Cooling, we recommend air conditioning maintenance at least twice each year. During a service appointment, we will clean your system to remove dirt, debris, and pet dander. In turn, this keeps your unit from getting clogged up and causing performance issues. It will also provide you with greater indoor air quality.

Other tasks that will be performed during a tune-up include:

  • Checking all electrical components
  • Inspecting wearable parts such as hoses and gaskets
  • Looking for leaks
  • Measuring the temperature and pressure levels
  • Lubricating bearings and other wearable parts
  • Thermocharging coolants as needed

Benefits of Regular Maintenance

There are numerous benefits to having regular maintenance performed, including:

  • Preventing future repairs
  • Extending your unit’s lifespan
  • Ensuring there are no safety issues
  • Enjoying greater indoor air quality
  • Saving money by improving energy efficiency

When HVAC systems are well maintained, they tend to last longer and require fewer repairs over their lifetimes. Your heating and cooling system is a major investment, so you should protect it as much as possible. The best way to do that is to have us perform routine maintenance for you.

Affordable Maintenance Service Options

Our maintenance agreements are highly affordable, and will allow you to save money on the cost of parts, service calls, and emergency service. We also offer special deals for members only such as yearly sales on air purification devices.

Air conditioning maintenance will save you money, but most of all it will provide you with peace of mind. Make sure you are ready to take on the heat by having us perform A/C maintenance for you. Please contact us today to schedule your appointment.

Ready?  Let’s go!  Submit a request through our online request form or give us a call and our specialist will help guide you through the AC Maintenance process.