Life can be miserable when the air conditioner starts to blow hot air in the middle of summer rather than cool down. Some people will try a “do-it-yourself” situation, and it may work. Even so, attempting to fix mechanical problems on your own is not always a good idea, as you may end up making things worse.

Several factors can cause your air conditioning system to blow warm air:

Improper Maintenance of The Air Filter

When your AC isn’t cooling your home, it’s usually because the air filters have become dirty. Contamination of the air conditioning filters prevents the flow of cool and warm air. Evaporator coils can also become iced over, controlling the flow of cool air out of the vents.

Lack of Upkeep of The Exterior Unit

Heat is absorbed by the evaporator (located inside the unit) and transported to the outside air conditioning unit, while the condenser (located outside) cools the hot air. Unclogged condensers prevent the air conditioning system from adequately cooling. Even contaminants and dirt prevent heat transfer.

Refrigerant Low/Out

Heat transfer occurs when a refrigerant transfers heat from the interior to the house’s exterior. Instead of preventing cool air from entering your rooms, running out of refrigerant will create warm air.

Thermostat Malfunctions

The thermostat should be the first thing you check if your air conditioner is blowing warm air. They can be tampered with by kids accidentally hitting them with flying objects or by coworkers turning them off because they’re too cold to use them properly. Ensure that the thermostat is set to COOL and the fan to AUTO (automatic).

Closed or Obstructed Return Vents

A problem with airflow can result in your air conditioner blowing warm air. Perhaps the vent grills were closed over the winter and never reopened. Are they blocked by furniture or other obstructions? Consider taking a walk around your space and making sure air can flow freely through all registers and returns.

Connected or Leaking Vent Pipes

Because of holes, cracks, or complete disconnection, return air may not reach the unit. Take a closer look at your ducts if they are accessible. When construction projects are underway or when birds or rodents get into them, damage can occur. A professional inspection of your ductwork by AC Repair Lakeland may be more beneficial in this case.

The Compressor Could be Faulty

Controlling coolant flow from the evaporator to the condenser, an air conditioning unit’s compressor, is a critical component. As a result, a damaged condenser is unable to chill air sufficiently. Because of this, you’ll not be able to keep your air conditioners in good working order and it will result in costly maintenance and repairs.

Congratulations if you did find a minor problem that you could quickly fix! And we’re guessing that this is something you’d like to avoid in the future, right? We’re the answer if you are looking for Air Condition Repair Near Me. Call us at 863-551-3411.

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