An AC is one of the most important things you require in the summer season. However, spending a lot of money to get the cool air you deserve is not necessary. Knowingly or unknowingly, you have been wasting a lot of energy and your money by using your ACs improperly.

You can take help and guidance from an AC technician in Lakeland, Florida, to get knowledge of the best practices related to AC. This article is your guide to getting energy-efficient air conditioning that helps your pocket and the environment. 

How to Ensure the Installation of an Energy Efficient AC

While installing an AC in your home, you should keep in mind a few things to ensure its efficiency.

  • The Size of the Home– You should choose the correct sized AC to meet your home’s cooling needs. Buying a smaller AC can lead to less energy efficiency. Also, getting an AC larger than your needs can affect your budget. By installing an AC unit to the size of your home, you end up receiving the wrong and undesirable air temperatures and lose the comfort you were supposed to get.
  • SEER Rating– The SEER or the seasonal energy efficiency ratio rating on any AC determines the energy consumption of the AC. Good SEER rating pertains to lesser energy being consumed and vice versa. You should ensure that your AC comes with at least the minimum SEER rating prescribed by the Department of Energy. Energy Star certified models help you save up to 15% of energy and costs.
  • Smart Thermostat– A smart thermostat works with an internet connection and can help you control the temperature of your AC with the help of an app on your phone. They help you set your home’s temperature from anywhere, and slowly and gradually, they become habitual to your settings. This offers the users precise temperature control and ensures extra money or energy is not wasted.

Tips to Keep You AC Efficient for a Longer Time

With the following tips, you can increase the energy efficiency of your AC systems so that they stay healthy and help you save cost and energy over the long run.

  • Clean the Filters and Vents of Your AC regularly– The dust that piles up on the filters and vents of your AC ends up imparting less cool air and consuming more electricity. Make a habit of cleaning them regularly.
  • Keep the Doors and Windows of the House Closed– To ensure that dust and debris do not enter the home and accumulate on the AC and its parts, such as the vents, try to keep the doors and windows of the home closed.
  • Avoid Using Oven or Dryer in Summers– When the days are extremely hot, avoid making use of appliances such as dryers or ovens that release hot air, as this will result in the AC working harder to provide cool air to neutralize the warm air, causing a lot of electricity consumption.
  • Regular Repair and Maintenance of your ACs– Keeping your ACS maintained and free of faults is a great way to ensure that they do not consume much electricity. Time maintenance and repairs help your AC to become cost-effective and energy-efficient.


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