Even a day without air conditioners can be headache-inducing in Lakeland, Fl, in long and hot summers. ACS is an important appliance to have at homes and offices. Split ACs have become everyone’s favorite. However, the installation of a split AC is a critical job. Although it should only be done by a professional, you should have a basic idea of the guidelines to be kept in mind. A correctly installed AC will cool the room better and run for a longer period.

Important Guidelines For Split AC Installation

As a customer, you should know a few key aspects of split air conditioning installation.

1. Place of Indoor Installation
Deciding on the place of split AC installation in Lakeland, FL, is the most important aspect as it can hamper the cooling to a significant extent. You don’t want to put the air conditioner somewhere where it won’t cool or where it will chill so much that you feel uncomfortable.

2. Wall Strength
A split AC’s indoor unit is quite heavy, so it must be installed on a wall that can easily take its weight.

3. Place of Outdoor Installation
The outdoor unit of a split AC should be placed in an open space of the balcony or terrace in such a way that the installation and servicing can be done safely and easily. There should be nothing to obstruct the movement of air in an open space. This gives your compressor and condenser a lot of leeways to function well. Make sure the outdoor device isn’t directly exposed to the sun.

4. The Tilt Angle of the Indoor Unit
When installing the aluminum bracket on the wall, make sure that it is tilted slightly so that the indoor unit of the split AC, when installed, is also tilted slightly to enable a free flow of condensed water from the draining pipe.

5. Spacing
Maintaining 10-15 cm of free space around the sides and top of the split AC’s indoor unit is necessary. This is extremely important for proper airflow. It may be more difficult to discharge heat if the airflow is restricted. Your air conditioner’s operating costs will rise as a result of this. It also has the potential to harm the compressor.

6. Installing at the Proper Height from Ground
The indoor unit of the split AC should be mounted at about 7-8 feet from the ground for good cooling in the room.

7. Spacing Between the Indoor and Outdoor Unit
The distance between the two units is important for your air conditioner’s best and most effective functioning. The more effective the performance, the closer the distance. Ideally, the unit should not be separated by more than 15 meters.

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