Refrigerant is required to keep your AC running at peak efficiency. Whenever the refrigerant in your air conditioner runs low, the machine may continue to pump cool air, but what’s going on inside the equipment might cause significant damage. A refrigerant leak is generally to blame, but a technician can identify whether there is something more going on. Feel free to contact us or type AC contractors near me and we will serve you gladly.

Snowbird Heating & Cooling provides a comprehensive range of HVAC maintenance, AC repair in Lakeland, and AC installation services in Lakeland, involving refrigerant leak detection and repair. If you’re having trouble with your AC unit in Lakeland, we’ll figure out what’s wrong and get your AC up and running in no time.

The Signs

  • Instead of Cold Air, your AC Unit is giving off Hot Air.

When the appropriate Freon charge is kept constant, AC units work at their best. Cooling will not occur if the level declines, causing the air vents to circulate room temperature air into the home. Low Freon is a major contributor to this condition, which can be caused by a variety of factors. Check thermostat adjustments, air purifiers, and registers before assuming it’s due to low Freon.

  • Strange Noises Originating from your Device.

When your air conditioner makes bubbling or hissing noises, this could be an indication of low refrigerant. Although the refrigerant lines are under pressure, a leak could occur, resulting in unusual sounds.

It’s necessary to keep in mind that a properly functioning system should never run out of refrigerant. If that’s the case, there’s most likely a refrigerant leak. When these issues arise, it is strongly advised that you contact an HVAC technician by typing in AC contractors near me.

  • Ice has Formed on the Refrigerant Line.

Examine your air conditioner to determine if there is any ice forming on the copper wire. If that’s the case, you’re probably running low on Freon. The evaporator coil becomes considerably colder than it should be when there isn’t enough refrigerant in the device, allowing the moisture in its line to freeze.

  • Electric Costs are Higher than Usual.

Summer electric expenses are, indeed, generally high. However, a lack of refrigerant causes them to rise. As previously said, your air conditioner will fail to reach the temperature setting, causing it to run continuously. As a consequence, your electric expenses will rise. Get in touch with us if you are searching for an AC installation near me.

Freon Leaks

Although approved Freon chemicals are not hazardous, they must be handled with care by trained and experienced HVAC workers. These experts will evaluate the problem and determine the best course of action. As a result, we have the knowledge and expertise to deal with refrigerant leaks and other air conditioning issues, for which you can get help just by searching for an AC installation near me.

Why Choose Snowbird Heating & Cooling for AC Services?

Snowbird Heating & Cooling provides high-quality AC repair in Lakeland, as well as installation and maintenance services. For more information about all of the HVAC services we provide, please contact us online or by phone for the best AC services in Lakeland.

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